R.E.M (Small) Groups

Small groups are a key aspect of our church community.

REM groups meet regularly to encourage each other to live our everyday lives in light of who God is and what He’s done through Jesus.

Whether meeting virtually or in-person, these small groups of 8-14 people aim to live as the adopted family of God while learning to love all of our neighbors.

We believe that this God-given identity is best lived out when we engage in relationship with each other (R), education time in the Bible (E), and missional relationship with our neighbors (M). So we have one week each month devoted to each of these letters in our REM acronym.

In-Person Groups

NOTE: To best follow city guidelines, all in-person REM Groups are currently  meeting in the church building until further notice.

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REM SPACE AND DISTANCING GUIDELINES – Fall 2020 (*Per state/city guidelines)

(Note: These guidelines are as  of 11.24.20 and subject to change, as state/city guidelines may change)

  • For now, all  IN-PERSON REM group meetings to be held at the Imago Dei building, where we can follow the below-listed city guidelines & have potential for new people:
    • At least 6-foot social distancing with masks, kids included*
    • At least 30 square feet of open floor space per person in the group*  
    • Guests and/or attendees must remain seated with the exception of moving to and from seating on arrival, departure, and use of restroom*
    • Other guidelines for a safe and welcoming space:
      • Group to follow this cleaning protocol followed after all meetings at ID 
      • No shared food within in-person REM groups
      • Monthly re-evaluation of in-person option, by group & REM lead team
        • Ex: group discusses: “should we continue to meet in person?”
        • Also remind group to stay home if sick or exposed (per below)
  • People may move from an in-person to a virtual group if their preference changes
    • Please process with your leader or group when considering this,  as the group may move to virtual if a majority of attendees change preference
    • If you are interested in virtually participating with your in-person group, please discuss with your REM leads to determine if that’s a viable option
  • Staying home when sick or exposed to somebody positive for COVID
    • Please stay home from REM if you or anybody in your family is sick in any way
      • Example symptoms per CDC website
    • If you have been sick, please do not attend unless you have been symptom free for at least 72 hours.  The same with anybody in your family.
    • If you have been exposed to somebody with Covid-19, please wait 14 days past exposure before attending REM, as long as you are not sick in any way
    • If you are getting tested for Covid-19, please let your REM leads know ASAP
      • With your permission, REM leads will contact REM group to let them know you are getting tested for Covid-19
    • If you tested positive for Covid-19
      • Please let your REM leads know
      • Please do not return to in-person without contacting your REM lead and discussing, likely requirements will be:
        • At least 14 days since testing, at least 72 hours symptom free
        • Negative test and clearance to return to work
        • Group comfortable continuing to meet in person

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