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As a follower of Christ, a husband, an employee, and a business owner, I have been blessed with the opportunity to network within the Milwaukee Community, sometimes dozens of people per week. From the day I made my decision to be baptized, the Gospel as become part of my story. See, in the business world, one of my passions and God-given desires is to learn people’s stories, to take a genuine interest in them. To learn where they came from and where they are going and why they desire change. The blessing is that many times I am able to share my story which includes how God clenched my heart and lead me to taking a step into obedience by being baptized.

My Story:

From the day I was born until 18 my family raised me in a loving home and “the Church”. As I went to college, my parents had a falling out with the Church and I had a falling out in terms of growing with God. In my last years of college God started to work on my heart through one broken relationship that lead me to many new relationships, one after another in the business world. It took a specific moment, a business that was going backwards, for me to take action. As God’s timing would have it; some very successful business men spoke to me about the most important relationship, Jesus.

By the time I was 23, my heart was yearning to know Him better. A few years later, I met the woman who would become my wife, Ali. She was raised to know Christ, but I was fortunate enough to be there when she got baptized in her early 20’s. As we got to know each other, became really good friends, she exposed me to the difference between a “Religion” and a real, living relationship with our Creator. Over a few years of being in community at Imago Dei I was baptized at the age of 31 and was able to express outwardly the internal, burning desire of Christ in my heart.

My Hope:

It is important to note that my journey was a 31-year process. Interestingly, from 23 to 31 if anyone would have asked me if I was a Christian, I would have said yes. I struggled with “being a Christian” and then the view of being a “Christian” and being baptized. I had to study and learn what baptism really meant and not let my pride get in the way of God’s grace. While that was my biggest struggle, it has also shown up through God’s perfect plan as the topic that has led to more curiosity of family and friends around me. It is my hope and prayer that if you relate to my story and have struggled in similar ways, that you would take some time to ask God for people that can answer your questions. Then take a step into obedience with me so we can share His grace.

Mason Eddy

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